Sealed Crawl Spaces

Experience the benefits of a sealed crawl space system

At LiveGreen, we can install a sealed crawl space system that’s tailored to fit your needs. A sealed crawl space can provide numerous benefits for you and your family, including:

  • Better indoor air quality, to help you breathe easier
  • Lower utility bills due to your HVAC system’s improved energy efficiency
  • Warmer floors during the winter, providing comfort year-round
  • Less mold and dry rot, because of reduced moisture levels in the crawl space
  • Longer building life resulting from the better structural integrity of the wood framing and flooring system
  • A great sales feature if you sell your home: a sealed crawl space could be an additional selling point and help you stand out from the competition
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Fight problematic moisture with a sealed crawl space system

When there is too much moisture in your crawl space system, problems can arise. These can include:

  • Rotted wood
  • Sagging insulation
  • Mold growth
  • Pest and rodent infestations
  • Filthy ductwork

It’s no wonder that many pest control professionals, HVAC technicians, insulation companies, and waterproofing companies all recommend some kind of moisture prevention in any solution they offer.

Sealed Crawl Spaces

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