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Blower door and duct testing

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As tools used in a professional home energy assessment, blower door, and duct testing really stand out.  We have found a lot of people don’t fully understand this type of energy loss testing so we will break it out for you and share why it is important.  There is just a tiny bit of science involved.

Blower door testing involves temporarily mounting a very powerful fan onto the frame of an exterior door of your house.  With all the windows closed, the fan quickly pulls air from within the house and this causes the air pressure inside the home to drop.   When this happens, the outside air pressure is now greater than the inside pressure.  As nature does not like an imbalance, the outside air will try very hard to get inside the house to balance the pressure difference.  Tracking how the air comes into the home is the key to learning where the gaps and crevices are located.  LiveGreen has specially trained staff that are trained to set up the equipment and monitor air pressure differentials.    The test itself usually takes 1-2 hours.

Duct testing is designed to measure how airtight the HVAC ducts are and pinpoint where leaks may be occurring.  Just the like the blower test, it is straightforward.  A special fan is temporarily installed in the ductwork and quickly pulls air through the HVAC system.  Airflow rate is carefully monitored and a separate piece of equipment monitors the air pressure created by the airflow.  The combination of air flow and pressure readings indicate the degree of leakage, if any, in the system.  Most people never look at their ductwork but over time, the joint seams can expand and contract creating gaps.  Also, duct tape needs to be inspected to ensure the tape integrity has been maintained.  Instead of going all over your house checking this, a simple test can give you quick answers.

As you probably have guessed, these tests can help save you a lot of money by detecting and fixing leaks that result in energy loss.  It’s always good to remember that if there is space for energy to leave, there is also space for things to come in.   Saving energy is great but it’s also important to keep mold, pest, and pollen out too.  These two tests are quick and simple ways to get peace of mind.

LiveGreen performs these tests for a lot of our clients.  We would be happy to come to meet you and give you a free consultation.

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