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Leaking Ducts Need Attention

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The Situation

You’ve noticed that the ducts of your home are leaking. You’re scratching your head now thinking, “Why has this started?” You can contact LiveGreen to provide you with duct leakage testing. We seal and repair any issues we see. You have been stressing over the rise in your air conditioning and heating bills. The leaky ductwork is the culprit. The leaking is making your machine run overtime. Your home is your investment. LiveGreen will service your home take care of the blower door and ductwork. Air duct systems leak in older homes and we have seen leaks in newer constructions too. Keeping the home’s energy loss at a minimum is our goal. The other priority is keeping pollutants and irritants from pulling directly into your house. Our tests show if the conditioned air is routing to the garage or crawlspace. The air in your crawlspace can draw in spores, insulation pieces, dust, and more into your ductwork. That is something we remediate.

Blower Door Test

The blower door gives us an estimate of duct leakage to the outside of your home. The blower door test runs and we pinpoint the duct leakage. This test quantifies the amount of air leakage through its enclosure. It is easy for us to see where these leaks are and address them properly with the test. If you are consuming too much energy because of air leakage now, when we get done, that will no longer be an issue for you. Give us a call if you experience drafts of cold air coming through these leaks in the winter or hot air in the summer. We can perform the blower door test on various properties- from residential and multifamily to commercial, new construction, or restoration projects. We have done it all.

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