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Blower Door & Duct Testing in Raleigh NC

Maximize your home’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system with our blower door and duct testing services.

These tests allow us to show you how much air your system is losing and how airtight your home really is. LiveGreen’s measurements can be compared to industry standards to give a true assessment of your home’s energy efficiency.

We can conduct these tests on new and existing homes. All tests follow North Carolina’s Building Codes.

Blower Door Testing

If air is leaking into or out of your home, blower door testing will show us where these leaks are. So why is this test important?

  • When air leakage occurs, you’ll consume more energy
  • Moisture condensation problems can occur if your home isn’t airtight
  • You’ll probably experience drafts of cold air coming through these leaks

Duct Testing For Air Leaks

Air leakage in any of your ducts can drastically effect the temperature inside your house. You may have one room that has a significant difference in temperature from the other, which can have an irritating, troublesome effect. With duct testing, LiveGreen can locate which—if any—of your ducts are leaking air, so you can know how to remedy any comfort issues associated with the temperature inside your home.

In addition, leaky ducts can be costly. You may be conditioning unintended areas of your home, which causes your HVAC system to run harder to keep the right temperature in rooms you want conditioned. Especially during months of extreme cold or heat, air leaks in your ducts can be expensive.

Blower Door Testing for home air leaks for energy efficiency
Blower Door & Duct Testing NC

Is your blower working properly? Are your ducts leaking?

We test for air leaks in your ducts and blower door. These leaks can lead to higher utility bills and a cold home with drafts.

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