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Why Isn’t My AC Unit Cooling My House?

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Why isn’t my AC cooling my house?

That’s a dreaded question as we head into summer heat- and one you want to address NOW before things get unbearable outside AND in! If your HVAC system is in working order, but your home still feels uncomfortably warm on a regular basis, it could be an insulation issue!

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As a service to our Triangle neighbors, LiveGreen Inc will come out to your home and show you areas in your house that may benefit from insulation, or additional insulation. We’ll walk with you through your structure, point out areas where you may have air leakage, areas that could benefit from versatile spray foam insulation, or areas where your insulation may be old and need to be replaced for better comfort and HVAC efficiency.

We’re the Triangle’s insulation experts, offering a variety of products that work well in homes and businesses in our area. In addition to making your home more comfortable, adding insulation can also extend the life of your HVAC unit, because it won’t have to work so hard to regulate the air in your home. The additional savings on your energy bill will make you glad you had us check your insulation now, before you suffered through another hot North Carolina summer! Simply contact us today for your free energy and insulation inspection.

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To help you understand how different products could improve your home’s comfort, here are some of the insulation products and installations LiveGreen installs in area homes:

  • Spray Foam Insulation – This is our most versatile insulation, which makes it ideal for homes in our area. Spray Foam insulation comes in liquid foaming form that can be sprayed, injected, or poured into attics, walls, ceilings, basements or under floors.

  • Blown-in insulation- This is loose fill insulation that can be blown into any empty space, so it’s useful in many areas. When homes are constructed, some spaces remain empty air pockets. Insulation can be blown into these pockets. This is ideal for hard-to-reach spaces or pockets of space in attics, walls, or basements. Blown-in insulation is made from small particles with high thermal resistance, like cellulose, mineral wool and/or fiberglass.

  • Fiberglass- Rigid fiberglass board insulation is specifically used for air ducts, and areas where high-heat resistance is a factor. This is ideal for HVAC ductwork application because fiberglass insulation keeps air ducts protected from their surrounding environment, improving energy-efficiency.

  • Batt insulation- Batt insulation comes in rolls, either pre-cut or cut to size on site, with an aluminum foil facing, which works as an air/radiant/vapor barrier. Batt is the most common insulation type used in walls, attic rafters and floor joists.

Contact LiveGreen Inc. with your home insulation questions:

LiveGreen Inc partners with you to ensure your home is the most energy efficient it can be. That not only makes your house more comfortable, but it also ensures your HVAC system can operate at peak performance, which is good for the unit and good for your energy bill. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our team members to go over things to consider when choosing insulation for your home. We’ll also give you a free written quote, so you can compare which option best fits your budget and project!

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