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Properly Insulate For Winter

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We love colder temps, a little snow here and there, the holidays. North Carolina temperatures are dropping, dropping, dropping. Cuddling by the fireplace is a must. Grabbing a jacket before heading out is likely. When was the last time you thought about the benefits of your home’s insulation?

Back & Forth

Have you found yourself having to turn your thermostat up higher and higher to stay cozy?

You may be using more heat with the system running constantly because your home is not properly insulated. There are spots in your home’s insulation that are more prone to leaks than others. Are you feeling chilly drafts even while the system runs nonstop? You cannot stand the “cold spots” throughout your home. If you begin to notice chilly drafts and higher energy bill, give LiveGreen a call. LiveGreen can come out and evaluate your home’s insulation. We will also check for structural issues. These can cause higher utility bills and internal damage such as sinking and sagging floors.

LiveGreen will check insulation in your crawl space as well as the attic. Did you know that when certain parts of your home are lacking insulation, there are areas that are more prone to leakage? We can fix your leakage problems by applying spray foam. That insulation blocks the leaks. Properly insulating will keep you warmer in the winter without having to overdo it with the energy levels.

Piping Problems

Pipes can freeze when the temperature drops below freezing. Remember, it is very important to make sure your home’s pipes are well insulated so you can continue using your water with a good flow. Unfortunately, when pipes are uninsulated, they freeze in the winter and then when the ice thaws and expands. For instance, it can create cracks in your plumbing and the gaps can damage your home with the wetness. 

Spray To Avoid Drafts

Give us a call to schedule for a free inspection and quote concerning your home’s insulation. We can provide you with year-round protection with spray foam insulation installation. If you are ready to protect your home with airtight sealing that’s durable, reach out! Chilly drafts can be a thing of the past. Don’t wait, get a free quote now.

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