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Q&A With Matt Blaise, LiveGreen Expert

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Last week we sat down with Matt Blaise, the Operations Manager at LiveGreen. Some common inquiries on sealing crawlspaces and how to go about insulating your home or business properly need addressing.

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Check out the questions and Matt’s answers below to gain understanding on how LiveGreen has the expert knowledge to get your job done with efficiency.

Q1: We are well into the winter months, and a primary goal of many households is to keep their homes warm while maintaining energy efficiency and not having their electric bills skyrocket. What has LiveGreen been seeing as a major service most relating to energy efficiency?

The process of sealing your crawl space and/or attic acts to bring mechanical equipment inside the thermal boundary of the home. This allows for great savings due to reduced conditioned air loss to the outside of the home. Having your mechanical equipment and duct work inside conditioned and controlled space also adds to the longevity of that equipment. It prolongs replacement. Not having cold floor during the winter is also an added perk!

Q2: Have you seen any new trends for homeowners as it relates to homeowners inquiries about attic insulation and crawl space repairs these last few months?

Any time we see extreme temperatures, we field a great number of calls to attempt to help people live more comfortably AND affordably. There is no better reminder to check your attic or crawl space than extreme temperatures or high energy bills. We love to help people get comfortable and save money.

Q3: What kind of COVID-19 precautions does LiveGreen take during this time? Many homeowners are afraid to have workers at and inside their homes for repairs and home maintenance.

Fortunately, our work in attics and crawl spaces already dictate that PPE is worn. Any time we make a service call to an occupied home, we take great care to keep distance, wear masks, and booties.

Crawl Space Foundations

Q4: For those that cannot afford all new insulation throughout their older homes, what would you say would be a service most necessary that won’t break the bank?

A sealed and conditioned crawl is the best thing that you can do for your home if you are on a crawl space foundation. It helps regulate humidity and temperature, eliminates mold/fungal growth, and provides energy savings.

Q5: When the team goes out to provide estimates, what seems to be the most popular inquiry for homeowners?

Will this upgrade help my HVAC system keep up? Answer is YES. A properly sized and balanced HVAC system can operate under less strain and more efficiently within sealed attics and crawl spaces.

HVAC Efficiency

Will this upgrade help my HVAC system keep up? Answer is YES. A properly sized and balanced HVAC system can operate under less strain. It is more efficient within sealed attics and crawl spaces.

Q6: When describing radon issues, what piece of information seems to be most shocking that homeowners are unaware of? 

Prolonged radon exposure is the number one cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.

Q7: Can you tell us a little bit about the process of radon mitigation for those that would like to have their home tested?

The process begins with a 48 hour minimum continuous monitor test. We will install and leave a monitor within the home for a minimum of 48 hours. When the monitor is picked up, it is hooked up to a computer. The raw data and time averages are calculated. The average score over 48 hours is then sent to the customer. The EPA recommends remediation at or above 4 pCi/L. If the home tests above that level, the customer is provided with a custom tailored quote to install a Radon Mitigation system.


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