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Sealed crawl spaces are a popular service that we offer residents in North Carolina. Our team of professionals can install sealed crawl space encapsulation systems that will lower your energy bills. We will have your home feeling more comfortable in no time. Ready for better indoor air quality? Relax, encapsulation does this. In addition, the reduced moisture levels in the crawl space makes the area have less mold and dry rot.

North Raleigh Review

Per our customer’s review of the sealed crawl space we did at his home in a prime North Raleigh neighborhood, we were responsive, professional and clean. Robert Weisenberger states that we gave him honest feedback on what was needed and did not up-sell unnecessary products or services. He said, “They arrived on time and completed work as proposed. Highly recommended firm!” 

Describing Our Work On Crawl Spaces

When we encapsulate the crawl space, we are adding a heavy-duty lining. This moisture barrier that we add under your home covers and seals the floors, walls, and the ceiling of your crawl space. In addition, we boost the vapor barriers with additional insulation between the foundation wall too. It is important that a vapor barrier be durable and high quality.

There are several benefits to adding a sealed crawl space to your residence. We will recommend sealing under your home to fight problematic moisture. We add a moisture barrier against the foundation walls. The LiveGreen team ensures that the vapor barrier is a good fit around pipes, vents and plumbing. A crawl space without good seals leads to rotten wood under your home as well filthy ductwork. Improper sealing lets conditioned air out and allow outdoor air in. You do not want this to happen because the HVAC systems will work overtime to compensate. Therefore, it is burning more fuel and increasing your utilities bills.

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