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There are so many things that LiveGreen can do for your home’s energy efficiency and structural integrity. Servicing your home, we check the air quality and radon levels and how well the insulation is functioning. We will let you know what kind of crawlspace system you need also.

Servicing Your Home With Radon Testing & Mitigation

We will test for radon, which is radioactive decay. Checking for high levels of radon is necessary because if concentration is too high, over time people can develop lung cancer from the radon. The team at LiveGreen can install a radon mitigation system so that you can breathe easier. Did you know that sealed crawl spaces allow for easier radon mitigation? Mitigation is easier because we have the plastic sealed liner installed with slotted pipes underneath the seal. That extracts the gas.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam isn’t just for building insulation. LiveGreen can install it in several places. We’ve installed spray foam insulation in a variety of applications including sprinter vans. We use spray foam on applications that require a controlled temp including trailers.We install insulation in your attic to reduce heat flow by reflection and/or absorption. We identify the type of insulation you currently have and let you know if it needs to be changed out. There are a variety of different insulation types to suit your needs. The right insulation increases the energy efficiency of your home as it reduces the amount of heat that escapes in the winter. In the winter months, we make sure the insulation is containing the heat. 

During the summer, it is important that we see that the new insulation is keeping your home from getting too warm and muggy inside. You can call us to come check out the conditions. We will notify you if the current insulation situation is not retaining the cold air during the summer months. Without updating the attic insulation, you will continue to have difficulties keeping the interior cool. You want to be comfortable during that summer season. Give us a call today at (919) 453- 6411.

Sealed Crawlspaces

A sealed crawlspace help with better indoor air quality, lower utility bills, improved energy efficiency, warmer floors, less mold and dry rot, and longer building life because of structural integrity of the wood framing and flooring system. You can read about the different crawlspace systems. Some homes have the plastic barrier with a dehumidifier crawl space system while others have a conditioned crawl space.

Blower Door & Duct Testing

You can truly maximize your home’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system with LiveGreen’s blower door and duct testing services. We will let you know how air your home is losing with the current system. Worry less with a blower test. The results may shock you. 

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