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University Gets Insulation, Plus Air & UV Barriers

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We have been staying busy on the worksites all year and you can check out our recent projects on insulation, barriers, and crawl spaces on these blogs and our posts to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Here are a few pics of a commercial job we are doing at a university in the Triad area. The photos show air barrier (blue paint on green sheathing), insulation (yellow material over the blue air barrier), and UV barrier (black material over the yellow insulation).

Air barriers control air leakage into and out of the building envelope. Likewise, the air barrier that we provided benefits the building as it control airflow between a conditioned space and the unconditioned space. The system is the primary air enclosure boundary that separates indoor/conditioned air from the nonconditioned outdoor air. In addition, it acts a gas barrier as well. It provides for separation of building from any garage. Fortunately, the air barrier LiveGreen installs will fight any forces during and after construction. LiveGreen stands behind our work and with the durability given, the air barrier will work the lifetime of the building. Most importantly, you can confidently choose us as we are an ABAA Certified Air Barrier Installer. Once the air barrier is complete, you do not have to worry of uncontrolled airflow in and out of the building enclosure.

The UV barrier goes over the insulation. Next, it protects the insulation from breaking down over time. As a result, the barrier will provide great energy savings for the university.

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