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Vapor Barrier Benefits

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Want LiveGreen experts to add a vapor barrier and dehumidifier in your crawl space? LiveGreen is the company to call for your crawlspace repair solutions. We assess your problem and quote you the best price in the area. We mostly serve the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill area as well as eastern NC.

LiveGreen gets to work quickly and get things finished on schedule! Our team cleans up once we were finished. You can expect our whole staff to show politeness and professionalism.

New Vapor Barrier

You may have water issues and another company recommends that you need a sump pump. We will come out and let you know if you need a drainage system. Ultimately, getting a second opinion is a great idea when it comes to updating your home. Instead of a drainage system, you may need a new vapor barrier due to another issue. The LiveGreen team goes above and beyond to fix your crawlspace issues and keep you posted throughout the process. We show you flaws such as rips in the original barrier. Customers say our work and product looks higher quality than the manufacturers. Also, our pricing is reasonable and competitive.

Crawl Space Condition

In the crawl space, we can replace beams and install supplemental beams along with the vapor barrier service. We will walk you through with photos and videos of the completed repairs. We can also tell our customers helpful tips. For example, our crew takes time to explain changing gutter plans to make sure to keep you crawl space dry. You will feel so much more secure in your home with these updates.

One of our customers had an issue with plant growth under their house. It caused moisture which led to the homeowners cranking the AC all the time. Now, they are saving $1,200 a year so far!

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Give us a call today! We are your crawl space experts. You can check out our 5 star reviews on Google.  Fully licensed & insured, you are in good hands. We are ready to give you an estimate.

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