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Spray Foam Kit vs. Professional

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You’re a do-it-yourself warrior: You love a project, you love saving money, you love seeing the finished product. So why NOT try to install spray foam insulation yourself? After all, surely you can do an internet search and be off and running, right? Maybe running right into trouble.

You see, there are several compelling reasons to trust the professionals at LiveGreen when it comes to installing spray foam insulation. Let’s go over a few:

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Cost: First of all, are you really saving money by trying to install spray foam insulation yourself? After all, you have to rent special equipment for spray foam- which, by the way, is very difficult to find since professional installers using professional equipment are best suited to installing this type of poly- foam.

Here’s why: One of the keys to correctly applying spray foam insulation is the proper mix- if the canisters inside the applicator aren’t properly attached, the mix could be ruined before it even leaves the tanks. That can ruin the material in the tanks, cause backups in the hose or gun, and lead to major headaches and additional costs.

Let’s say it’s not a canister issue, and the machine is working. Keep in mind that once the insulation starts spraying, an interruption of as little as 30 seconds will clog the spray nozzle. At that point, if you don’t swap out the clogged nozzle quickly, the clog can spread to the hose and tanks, ruining what’s left of the foam mixture.

But let’s assume the canisters and set properly, the nozzle is operating, now there can be the issue of where you spray the foam insulation mixture: You must spray it precisely where you want it to go, because it will stick to everything in its path. Once it’s sprayed and expanding, it’s very difficult to remove. With that in mind, it’s imperative to wear the correct protective gear including a hooded suit, mask, eye protection, and gloves, all of which add to your total DIY cost.

On the flip side, if the spray foam isn’t mixed precisely correctly, it can spray out too thin- and won’t stick to anything. So you’ve wasted the cost of materials yet again, and have to start from scratch.

In the case where everything seems to be working well, the mixture looks good, it’s going where it should- because you’re not a professional, and not familiar with the expansion rate of spray foam insulation, how can you be sure you’re applying the correct amount? After all, spray foam insulation expands after application. How can you be sure you’ve applied enough? If you still see gaps and go to add spray foam insulation, how can you tell if you’ve added too much before it’s too late?

As you can see, the way of wisdom is to hire the professionals at LiveGreen Inc. to apply your spray foam insulation. Our expert teams are well-trained, experienced, and our work is warrantied, so you can rest assured the job is being done right, the first time. Contact LiveGreen today for a free estimate on your spray foam insulation project!

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