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Q&A About Sealed Crawl Spaces

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Featuring Chris Allen, Sales Associate at LiveGreen

Last week, we sat down with Chris Allen, Sales Associate at LiveGreen Inc. of Raleigh, NC. During our Q& A session, we covered topics such as homeowners’ awareness of sealed crawl spaces, terminology used in the industry, how scary mold under a home can be, and more.

Chris has been working at Live Green for nearly seven years. His first three years were spent in installation. Then, he transitioned over to sales where he has continually been enjoying serving Raleigh and a 90 mile radius. His expertise in all things relating to crawl space help assure home owners with a good idea of what will need to be done to their homes. They are given a timeline, pricing, and told how LiveGreen’s services are both beneficial solutions to health, the home’s structure, and increasing energy efficiency.

Awareness Of The Crawl Space

According to Chris, people are definitely more aware of what is going on under their homes in these most recent years in comparison to several years ago. Home owners experience high utility bills, a different type of air indoors, and don’t wait in fear when there are thoughts of mold underneath the home.

The LiveGreen Way

When calling into LiveGreen, Chris states that many people will initially think to search and request for a vapor barrier. However, the correct solution for many issues under the home is creating a sealed crawl space. People call and schedule to have their homes serviced “the LiveGreen way.” Throughout the discussion with Chris, we kept hearing a strong sense of pride. We heard the mention of efficiently providing sealed crawl spaces done “the LiveGreen way.” Chris says that cleaning up mold is high priority for a home owner once mold has been detected by the crew. The team addresses the situation of excess humidity and works to remove it completely.

Sealed Crawl Space Warranty

One really fascinating item that LiveGreen clients really admire about the work of the company is that the company stands behind the work it does 110%. This is true as each customer gets a free lifetime transferable warranty. The warranty is attached to the home for all of time. This warranty for the mold removal is a great selling point.
People just love not having mold under their houses. That is the major reason to call LiveGreen for a sealed crawl space. Another major aspect is energy efficiency. “Energy efficiency and better air quality are key when it comes to relieving the stresses of a customer,” Chris stated.

Structure Matters- Moisture Causes Issues

Knowledgeable and with over 7 years in the industry, Chris also discussed that it is important to let a homeowner know about how moisture in a crawl space left untreated can cause extensive structural issues. “Moisture can rot wood so that there is structural damage if gone unnoticed,” Chris stated. Once we seal the crawl space, there is no need for annual inspections to assess damage as the team has fixed the problem. The amount of structural damage that can occur can be caused by the amount of airflow underneath the home and the location. Trying to tell how long the damage has been occurring is just completely dependent on the specific home. Did you know that hardwood floors will separate or cup if there is too much moisture under your home? Chris explained that subfloor will absorb moisture and the wood expands and becomes uneven. 

LiveGreen Is Here To Help. Contact Today!

Most of us have probably heard how one problem can open up the door to more. One way of knowing something may be going wrong under your home is if you are having HVAC system issues. Another sign that should alert you to having the crawl space assessed is during pest control. There are times that pest control recommends us to come out.
When LiveGreen seals your crawl space, the sealed crawl system pulls the moisture out. It is completed by using air from your HVAC. We blow air into the crawl space to condition the crawl space. Once your sealed crawl space is done, it will be well insulated. Then, the HVAC doesn’t have to work so hard. You can start enjoying a more energy efficient home. Give us a call today at (919) 453-6411 to schedule your home for a sealed crawl space or book online.

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