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Re-Insulate Your Home

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You can absolutely re-insulate your home to save on energy bills. In need of energy efficiency upgrades? LiveGreen can get you on the schedule for air sealing and new insulation. There are two components to resolve your issues and just as important as insulation is, we need to add an air barrier also.

We may determine that we need to add twelve more inches of insulation in your attic. But we also want to address the cause of your home issues. The air barrier will make sure air is not just flowing through the insulation. For much older homes that haven’t had the insulation touched in decades, we can suck out the old insulation. LiveGreen professionals check out the spots where air may be leaking such as drywall transitions.  Those areas will be sealed up. We can do that air sealing with closed cell foam.  Next, we will add new insulation.

Sealing up air leaks between the attic space and house is something our professionals can take care of in the matter of hours. When the space is re-blown, the insulation is going to give its true R-value (the resistance of heat transfer through the insulation).

Locally owned and operated, fully insured and licensed, LiveGreen is a top choice for residents in NC. We can come out to your home and assess the insulation situation. Just fill out the contact form or give us a call at (919) 453-6411 if you are interested in having our experts re-insulate your home. We will be in touch shortly!

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