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You can get home insulation with superior thermal, pest, fire, and noise protection. We insulate attics, crawl spaces & under flooring. Local to the Triangle area, LiveGreen uses high-grade insulation with naturally occurring minerals to provide our customers with effective services. 

LiveGreen provides a superior pest barrier, while also maintaining your desired climate. The climate has to do with us choosing insulation that has a great R-value. The ideal R-value of insulation will be effective at stopping warm air from passing through it. We will use higher R-value materials which require less material to stop the heat transfer.

Whether we do spray foam insulation or blown in, our team will be very courteous, professional, and polite. We clean up after ourselves very well. It is a pleasure helping out your family. We want you to be more comfortable in the home living space. Have damaged spray foam? We can fix that. We even go the extra mile to have cables re-run through your attic and fill in where anyone has trampled down the insulation.

Expect The Best From Our Insulation Team

This is what you can expect if we add blown insulation through your whole house. Throughout the process, from the estimate through the installation, the team will be great with communication. You will know exactly what is going on the whole time. We will show you before and after pictures. The after photos will reflect that we got every nook and cranny. Your whole house will be cooler in the summer and much warmer in the winter weather. Your initial estimate will include pricing that is very reasonable for the market.

Per Matt Blaise of LiveGreen, “The insulation industry as a whole has come a long way within the last decade or two to make a more sustainable product.” He tells us about the safety of materials used in your space. “The use of formaldehyde in fiberglass batt and blown products has been eliminated and they nearly all adhere to GreenGuard Gold Standards!”

Friendly, Responsive, and Informative

We are a locally-owned and operated company serving North Carolina. Our team of professionals offer customer care rooted in trust, integrity, professionalism, and excellence. We keep you informed on their progress throughout the day as we complete the job. Give us a call today at (919) 453-6411.


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