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When LiveGreen seals your crawl space, you will be pleased with the outcome- from the sales process to the installation. We sealed Ross Martin’s crawl space and he said, “Everything was completed on time and to our greatest satisfaction.” This home upgrade with LiveGreen was a good choice at the right time. Ross had us do this service in conjunction with the installation of new HVAC units. He added, “We feel the house is much more efficient as far as HVAC AC and heat usage.” Like we did for him on this project, we will work with your HVAC company to complete the work on time and on budget.

Home Improvement To Avoid Moisture Issues

Per our customer Doug Peterson, LiveGreen’s work of sealing his crawl space has been a big improvement. We were able to conform to the code and get the job done in a timely manner. In his Google review, Doug states, “Things throughout the house just seem to be less humid. Crawl spaces need to maintain healthy moisture levels. When the level of moisture is too high, it is time for our professionals at LiveGreen to come and control the space and make it much drier. There are several things that our service providers will do to ensure a drier space. First, adding multiple new vents is necessary. Ventilation helps with the circulation of air under your home. Doug also commented, “Our experience with the product and with the company has been good and exceeded my already expectations.”

Moisture Barriers- Dealing With Mold & Mildew

In addition, LiveGreen can install moisture barriers. The rainwater may be getting in and staying because of the current grading of the crawl space floor. We will address that if it is the case at hand. The grade inside the space needs to be higher than the grade on the outside of the home. A solution to this is sloping grades in a way that is beneficial and does not allow for the water to pool into your crawl space. It is necessary to be proactive. We resolve your crawl space issues in a timely manner to avoid several serious environmental hazards. These hazards of moisture in your crawl space include mold and mildew.

Another customer, Steven Ver Halen also commented on our work on his crawl space. His first recommendation, “If you are needing crawlspace work done, look no further. I shopped around looking for the best quote and LiveGreen blew everyone else out of the water.” He was pleased with the results of our work under his home. “They did a fantastic, high-quality job too! he exclaimed.  Steven gave props to our sales associate Chris. He said, “Chris was extremely professional and friendly. Would absolutely recommend this company.”

Here is a crawl space we completed on over the weekend.

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