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Sealed Crawl Spaces Allow For Easier Radon Mitigation

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LiveGreen did a crawlspace encapsulation and installed a radon remediation system for Raleigh resident Jason Crocker. Chris, Bruce, John, and the rest of the LiveGreen crew completed the job. We were very thorough, and Jason says that he already sees a difference in electric bill and maintaining temperature in the house. Moreover, the radon levels are effectively zero now. Jason says, “The crawlspace is clean and perfectly sealed. Awesome job, highly recommend LiveGreen!” So, we sealed the crawl space because that allows for easier mitigation. For instance, we install the plastic sealed liner with slotted pipes underneath the seal to extract the gas. Most importantly, we are confident in an air-tight barrier to block the radon gas.

The Radon Mitigation System You Need

First off, we specialize in radon gas removal. In fact, no project is too big or too small for us. Together, LiveGreen uses the process of radon mitigation to reduce radon concentrations in the air of your home. Simply, the mitigation system is an active-soil-depressurization system. Ideally, through testing, we determine how high your levels are. What can be done to lower this number? To resolve the issue, a mitigation system extracts the gas from the air, drawing it out of your home. And since LiveGreen employs individuals with a construction background, we can work with you to aesthetically blend the system into your house.

Controlling The Danger

Fortunately, radon control offers homeowners many benefits- from making your home more comfortable and energy efficient to reducing your utility bills. Consequentially, high levels can affect homes whether they are new or older. Unfortunately, it is often undetected. However, we can protect your home from external humidity and soil moisture for a healthy house. Did you know that the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US is radon gas? As a result of the mitigation, you can worry less about this.

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