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A whole lot can go wrong with your crawl space. There are so many things that we look for when we are checking down underneath your home’s crawl space. Your crawl space might be wetter and trap more moisture if it is not having the right kind of vapor barrier and sealing.

Noticing Differences At Home- Issues Are Below

You may even smell musty odors indoors that are coming from the moisture below. Unattended moisture can wreak havoc on your home. We will check the quality of your air.

Structural damage happens when there’s wood rot and you will start to notice uneven windows and sagging, sloping floors. This sagging and sinking in the floors is different from regular settling of the home. We will also notice mildew and mold. That excess moisture is ideal for rodents and pests too. Insects such as termites like dark, damp environments. We highly recommend a complete crawl space dehumidification and encapsulation system when your home is experiencing all of these issues relating to high humidity. You can trust us with these eco-friendly home improvements to control the high humidity and standing water.

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“That’s the effect of super high moisture over long periods of time.” He explains, “The discoloration and growth on the wood in the pictures is different kinds of fungal growth.” What is going on under your home may be quite this disturbing as well. Chris adds, “When insulation absorbs moisture it can’t hold its own weight and becomes like Spanish moss.”

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