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Adding Closed Cell Foam

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Do you have a metal building that needs insulation? Spray foam insulation is used in the building’s interior to maintain indoor temperature. Spray foam helps with defending against high winds that come through North Carolina. Ask us about the differences in open cell and closed cell SPF insulation. Closed cell foam is polyethylene foam. The polyethylene foam is both strong and resilient. It is used in industrial and commercial applications with the benefits of shock absorbing and provides thermal insulating. We encourage use of closed cell foam because it is impervious to mildew and bacteria and the material is lightweight and flexible. We choose from a variety of thicknesses to best match the barrier needed.

Condensation & Temperature

The closed cell foam seals in air and controls condensation. We understand that maintaining the overall interior building temperature is important to the structure’s integrity. With this application, we are preventing moisture and condensation from developing in the future.


During the cold winter months, a metal building just cannot retain the heat it needs. Our foam insulation application is effective for your metal building, and we guarantee our work. Did you know that metal buildings can sweat? Without the application, water can drip from the ceilings and the moisture can cause mold. We have added the closed cell foam to this metal building when it is just a year old so that the owners do not have to worry over any sort of mold growth inside. The application will also ensure that the structure will not rust due to moisture.

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