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Energy Recovery Ventilator Benefits

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An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) is often used with spray foam. In the summer when temperatures rise, these mechanical ventilators use stale conditioned air to cool incoming hot air. In the cold winter months, the stale heated air preheats incoming cold air. We add these ventilators so that you’ll see reduced excess indoor humidity levels. Bye, bye humidity.

Do You Need An ERV?

Spray foam insulated homes become airtight and need adequate ventilation. The energy recovery ventilators allow you to enjoy air fresh without feeling uncomfortable with humidity. Panasonic has energy recovery ventilator options to choose from. It is important to look at which features you are getting with the ventilator. Check out the filter that traps all the pollen, so it does not get inside your house. Upping the filtration is your best bet when it comes to keeping debris out. Panasonic’s options also make timing simple. We get to pick how many minutes each hour the machine will run. For the CFM, we determine that also- how much is coming in and out. Motors are excellent because if there is a restriction in the duct line, the motors will ramp up their speeds.

Remember, for maintenance, the filter should be replaced every 90 days so installing the ERV in an accessible space is important.  Sometimes, they are hung in the attic space from the rafters. There are ports on the sides of the ERV. One will bring fresh air in and the other exhausts stale air outside of the house through the port. 

Proper Ventilation With Energy Recovery Ventilator

Your home is bringing in proper ventilation when LiveGreen works on it. We make sure that the air is filtered and clean before entering your home. LiveGreen also recommends sealing your crawl space and attic. We can find out if there is dirty, unconditioned air there. The pollutants need to be addressed. You will appreciate how the ERV transfers the heat and humidity out of your home. The ERV tries to match the humidity levels of the inside of your home with the outside so that levels are not out of whack. This also helps support the HVAC so it is not strained to keep up with how you are controlling the temperature inside the home. 

You’re Next

Simply put, the energy recovery ventilator allows the transfer of moisture from one side of the core to the other. This keeps your HVAC from working so hard. ERV’s are great solutions for hot, humid summers in North Carolina. Give us a call at (919) 453-6411 or submit your request online now. We want to service your home next!


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