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Rockwool Insulation Type

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Highly Durable 

Rockwool insulation is great for interior walls and in ceilings between floors. It is a great choice for its fire and soundproofing capabilities. Sound control is such a bonus as it absorbs and just the sheetrock added can make the noise bounce somewhat. It is also water repellent. Check out this photo of it being hydrophobic!

Smart & Sustainable

Rockwool is made of rocks (premium stone wool) which makes it have that fire resistance. How cool that it does not set fire!  It comes in batt, board, and pipe forms.  

Rockwood has a quality of being vapor open so that drying can occur. Any moisture from the outside that accidentally gets in will be dried up. Drying of insulation through both directions is a huge plus. Similarly, closed-cell foam does not allow water to move through.

Simple Installing 

Installation is easy because the batts are friction-fit batts. When we are adding in wires and cables, we will just slice into this insulation and still get full-depth insulation. The crew will not need a lot of PPE and a dust mask is what is needed instead of a full respirator. When we install spray foam insulation, we need the hoses and respirators.

Comparing Insulation Types

Compared to fiberglass insulation, mineral wool insulation has about a 20-30% higher R-value per inch. It is also a bit more expensive than both fiberglass and cellulose options. Rockwool is 3x denser than fiberglass which makes it better at dampening sounds.  Those that choose Rockwool will spend less money than those using spray foam.

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