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Metal Building Insulation

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Insulating a Metal Building

Many metal buildings are manufactured to be stylish and functional. Advantages include being durable and affordable. However, there are also some drawbacks to metal building properties. First, the metal can corrode. We all know that uncoated metal rusts. Secondly, it can not withstand fire damage and fractures can happen too.

Choosing the Insulation

Do you have an existing metal building that needs insulation? Spray foam insulation is a great solution that we offer our customers. At LiveGreen, our crew can easily install this spray foam insulation to a building’s interior. This helps to maintain indoor temperature. Another advantage is the fact that this spray foam can also increase the strength of your metal building. You can avoid replacement from brittleness and a weak structure. When high winds and other natural elements come through your area, your building is able to put up a stronger defense. Spray foam insulation is ideal for extremely cold or dusty climates.

Smart Decisions

The team at LiveGreen makes sure the spray foam is not going to trap moisture within the area it has been sprayed. LiveGreen determines the insulation thickness based on what amount conforms to the substrate. Also, looking at what achieves proper foam cure is important.  According to SPFA,  “For most relatively smooth substrates the minimum practical thickness is one inch but for corrugated or unusual substrate configurations may require greater thickness to achieve a suitable finished foam surface.” The thicker the insulation, the lower the heat and cooling costs. Some owners of metal building systems will choose fiberglass insulation. Finally, it is quite durable. Also, many people like the finish that fiberglass offers too.

Be Proactive

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