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Radon Mitigation

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Understanding Radon

Did you know that radon is a significant contributor to environmental radioactivity? Radon in the air is mitigated through ventilation. It is either collected below a concrete floor slab or a membrane on the ground, or by increasing the air changes per hour in the building.

radon mitigation system extracts the radon from the air, which draws it out of your home.

Reducing Radon Concentration

LiveGreen can do a few different applications in order to reduce the radon concentration in the air of your home. To begin, we determine how high your radon levels are. Lower this number through radon testing. Some basements have radon mitigation systems. Piping runs to an exterior location where there is a fan. So, radon gas comes out of the slab area. Then, the homeowners check the levels to make sure it is running properly. Lastly, we seal all fittings and joints where they penetrate through the slab and piping, so that air does not leak.

With a crawl space installation, the method is a little different. First, we will run the piping and cover the ground surface with 100% poly sealed all the poly to the foundation walls. Next, we put a slotted pipe under the poly so that it can draw the gas out to the exterior location of the fan. 

Our Active Team

LiveGreen does pride itself in each of its services and employs individuals with a construction background. The installation team can work with you to aesthetically blend the system into your house. Remember, the crew needs to be skilled and equipped to do this mitigation safely. We can complete the radon removal process in one day. Typically, it usually only takes less than 5 hours. We install each mitigation system and test radon levels. Next, there is a continuous monitor test for at least 48 hours. Finally, the radon levels are at reduced levels that EPA allows.

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In conclusion, your home needs a radon mitigation system which extracts the radon from the air &draws it out of your home. Contact us today at (919) 453-6411 with any questions you may have about radon mitigation and schedule a free quote. 

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