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Leaking Air Ducts

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Duct Testing For Air Leaks

Air leakage in any of your ducts can drastically effect the temperature inside your house. There are a few issues that may signal leaking air ducts. Whether you rent or own the home you’re living in, you pay attention to your utility bills. Higher energy bills are such a pain and you want to get to the bottom of why the energy usage has skyrocketed and caused the bill to increase.

Leaky ducts can be costly. You may be conditioning unintended areas of your home, which causes your HVAC system to run harder to keep the right temperature in rooms you want conditioned. Especially during months of extreme cold or heat, air leaks in your ducts can be expensive. Call LiveGreen to assess the situation this week. We will take a look at your ductwork and let you know how we can get you more energy savings. We notify you of any outdated, broken, collapsed ducts. If the ducts are leaking, we need to fix this as soon as possible. Those leaking air ducts can have debris back them up and then the debris gets into your house at some point. If you have been experiencing excessive dust inside your house, this is happening.

You may have one room that has a significant difference in temperature from the other, which can have an irritating, troublesome effect. With duct testing, LiveGreen can locate which—if any—of your ducts are leaking air, so you can know how to remedy any comfort issues associated with the temperature inside your home.

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Don’t wait. We test for air leaks in your ducts and blower door. These leaks can lead to higher utility bills and a cold home with drafts. With winter coming up, you do not want to be chilly indoors. You can get a free estimate by calling us.

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