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Prepared For The Winter Temp Drop

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This winter, when cold air leaks into your home and the warm air goes out, you need to get better insulation for your home. Your heating system is consuming more energy and having to run more often than usual when the warm air is leaking outside. You have probably noticed it is directly affecting the price you pay on the energy bill.

Contact LiveGreen to check out your home’s insulation. LiveGreen will check insulation in your crawl space and attic. We insulate the attic so that it effectively traps heat in the winter.

Spray Foam Seals Leaks

Sealing air leaks and adding proper mechanical ventilation to a home can increase your indoor air quality. Air leakage (outside air that enters a house uncontrollably through cracks and openings) is not the same as ventilation. Sealing these leaks and properly ventilating your home creates healthier indoor air.

All The Places To Seal & Insulate

There are so many places in your home that need to be sealed. Your upper roof trusses need attention. We make sure that the blown insulation doesn’t settle only around the lower end of roof trusses. If that happens, you might get structural damage. Ceilings need adequate insulation. Doors and windows need weatherstripping. Foundation walls of your basement need proper insulation as well as proper moisture barriers. Putting insulation in areas near pipes is ideal. This is because when temperatures drop below freezing, the pipes can freeze. You certainly do not want the expanding ice to crack the pipes and starting flooding the inside of your home. We can also insulate your ductwork so that vents are not bringing in the freezing outdoor air into your home.

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Give us a call to schedule for a free inspection of your home’s insulation this winter. Spray foam insulation is just what you need. , If you are ready to protect your home with air-tight sealing that’s durable, don’t hesitate to reach out! Say goodbye to chilly drafts in the winter. Don’t wait, get a free quote now.

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