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Radon Mitigation System For Basement

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We work on several homes in the Triangle that are complete with basements. These homes sit on sloped lots and the slope allows the water to be carried away from the house.

There are several different types of radon mitigation systems which include the following: subslab suction, drain-tile suction, sump-hole suction, block-wall suction, submembrane suction, active crawl space depressurization, room pressurization (consume energy), heat recovery ventilation (use energy), and passive subslab suction. Some of these options use a fan to get rid of the radon gas. Other options don’t require a fan and do not use electricity. We will pick the system based on the radon levels in your home and the installation requirements.

Drain Tile Suction Mitigation System

We install the drain tile suction mitigation system for homes with basements with high radon levels that need to be removed from the soil. Just like the sub-slab depressurization system, it uses a radon fan and vent pipings to remove radon from the soil. The bottom of the radon pipe connects to the drain system of your basement. We do not need to make a hole in the foundation.

Let us tell you about the basement portion of a radon mitigation system. We start with drilling test holes to measure negative pressure below the slab. Our team understands the need for the system to create suction to keep radon levels low.

We drill a half inch hole through the slab. There are lines that run through the slab and we will use a camera to check for the line placements. Without suction, the test hole may read positive .7 or positive .2 in some cases.

In a garage, we can go to the mechanical room and the boiler creates that radiant heat in the floor. We can pull up the poly and insulation and seal the floor to wall joints and seal any cracks in the concrete floors. Then we seal under any stairways.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency, radon mitigation is a great choice. When the LiveGreen team takes the time to seal the cracks and openings in your basement floors, we use a radon fan. It draws less power and you will have less conditioned air loss.

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