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Reflective Foam Board Insulation Helps

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LiveGreen can use foam board in your crawl space to help increase energy efficiency.  The foam board application of insulation is dependent on the climate your home is located in as well as the type of foundation walls. We can see if you have true foundation walls made of CMU block (cinder block) foundation walls or brick walls. Per our residential estimator, Matt Blaise, “Foil faced foam board is an excellent insulator for foundation walls. Its continuous insulation value provides excellent protection against thermal bridging.” Our team of LiveGreen experts creates your thermal efficiency by sealing your crawl space and then adding a dehumidifier. Then, we complete the project with the installation of reflective foam board insulation which can be two inches thick. Once applied to the walls, the reflective foil bounces heat right off. If the dehumidifier is running the heat is circulating throughout your crawl space. Fortunately, heat cannot transfer to the other side of the panel. 

foam board
Here is a photo of a crawl space completed by LiveGreen which includes foil faced foam board.

We also check for any mold, bacteria, and fungus from humidity in the home. Furthermore, if we remove your floor insulation for fungal treatment and fix the floor joists, we will add this reflective foam board insulation in the crawl space walls. Summer is right around the corner and temperatures are rising. Are you ready to prevent the hot NC heat this summer from entering your home or building?

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Would you like us to add reflective foam board insulation to the walls of your crawl space? LiveGreen is ready to offer you a complimentary visual energy assessment to help you give peace of mind! Call us today to get a quote or contact us online for an estimate.

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