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A Simple Way To Reduce Energy Bills

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Want to know a simple way to reduce energy bills that works for homeowners? Choose the correct insulation.

Homeowners, just like you, are doing their part to become energy efficient.   It can be daunting however with terms, calculations, industry jargon etc.  This is especially true with home insulation.  This is unfortunate as home insulation is one of the most important items to get right.  One of the simplest ways to reduce energy bills is to ensure your insulation is appropriate.  If you are not an expert, a professional energy assessment can help (and can also help examine your entire house… crawl space, ductwork, etc.)

Insulation Choices

There are multiple types of insulation available in the market today, more so than when most homes were constructed.  The addition of multiple choices of insulation also means there are issues to consider such as quality, application, and installation.  Issues like these can lead to insulation decisions that are not always the best long term choice for the homeowner.  Put another way, most homeowners understandably do not know what to request or guard against and are at the mercy of the builder.  Older homes have even a bigger challenge in that the choices available at the time may be considered substandard today.  At its core, insulation is not on the top of our minds after our homes are built and we end up just “Living with it” not realizing there are better options.

Spray Foam Insulation

One type of insulation we highly recommend is spray foam. It has become an increasingly popular choice over the standard Batt insulation (standard rolled fiberglass).  What makes spray foam so great is its ability to fill cracks and crevices as it expands.  In turn, this creates an airtight block preventing heat transfer into/out of your home.  In addition, spray foam is easily applied whether your house is under construction or lived-in.  Have you ever experienced the “winter draft”?  Many customers complain that there are specific cold areas or drafts in the winter, even though the room registers 70 F.  This “draft” is the heat transfer and sadly, significant enough to feel.  When we tell clients to close their eyes and imagine $20 dollar bills brushing by them on the way outside it starts to ring home.

If you are wanting to be more energy efficient or just simply tired of being uncomfortable during the seasons, we can help.  We work with families just like yours throughout the Triangle and NC.  If you think it is time to do an assessment or simply look at your current insulation design, we would love the opportunity to work with you.  Becoming energy efficient isn’t hard when you have a trusted partner.

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