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Guide To Attic Insulation & Ventilation

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Did you know that it is important to insulate the eaves of your attic? And we will leave enough space for proper ventilation. The ventilation fans/ powered attic ventilators will be helpful in pushing out the hot air and pulling in the cooler air that is outside. This is a guide we have put together to help you understand attic insulation and ventilation options.

There are two types of attic systems commonly seen in construction. Our LiveGreen expert Matt Blaise describes that the first is a vented attic system where air breathes between open soffits and a vented gable or ridge. This application has insulation installed at the ceiling level. The second is a sealed attic system with closed gables, ridge, and soffits. Matt states, “The use of spray foam or other air impermeable insulation acts as the thermal boundary at the roof.” “This acts to capture air loss from the home and mechanical equipment,” Matt continues.

As Home Advisor recommends, getting the right amount of airflow is crucial. Regulation of the temperature inside the house is based on airflow through the attic space. We can add vents running along your roof’s peak. The vents are beneficial in allowing warm, moist air to escape. The soffit vents we can install run along the underside of eaves and enhance airflow by allowing it to enter from outside. If we install roof and gable versions, these provide a single point of exit and entry for air. The system that we adhere to is a combination of ridge (highest part of the attic) and soffit units. Exhaust vents along the ridge so that when warm moist air rises, it pulls cooler, dryer air in behind it. Per Real Homes, “The attic needs a balanced ventilation system with as much air entering through the intake vents as leaves through the exhaust vents.”

Better Ventilation Saves You Money Over Time

We are going to make sure your attic is airtight for proper airflow. Your roof will be able to endure more lifespan when we install better ventilation. When we reduce condensation that can cause structural damage, there are less issues on the roof and the singles aging. This is one of the soundest investments you can make for your home. 

Attic Insulation & Air Sealing Solutions Here

LiveGreen has served hundreds of North Carolina’s homeowners and business owners over the years. We prioritize each job so that our customers receive excellent customer service and benefit from the jobs we perform. Our company has teams of expert sales associates and installers that are happy to answer your questions regarding issues and discussing the benefits of home maintenance.

Air sealing of your attic means that we use canned foam as well as tank closed cell foam. Some points of concern we may address include where drywall is budding the top plate causing air leaks. We prep and then go to work with our kit of closed cell foam at wall intersections. Also, we address the ceiling boxes/junction boxes that could be connected to your ceiling fans. The foam just expands into place.

We have extensive experience protecting homes in Raleigh, Durham, Wake Forest, and eastern North Carolina. It is our pleasure to show you why we’re the top choice for homeowners and businesses in North Carolina!

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