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What Everybody Needs To Know About Poor Indoor Air Quality

We spend the majority of our time inside. Most of us spend 1/3 of our day just sleeping in our homes! When you add in …

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Dangers of crawlspaces

Your Crawlspace Might Be Dangerous To Your Health

The space that separates a house from the Earth is almost always damp and dirty. Whether moisture comes from the outside air or from the …

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What do children and home energy have in common?

What Do Children & Home Energy Have In Common?

They can both be sneaky and rarely want to be confined inside the house!  The bright spot is you can see (and hear) your child …

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Sealed Ceiling Joists

A Simple Way To Reduce Energy Bills

Want to know a simple way to reduce energy bills that works for homeowners? Choose the correct insulation. Homeowners, just like you, are doing their …

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3 Simple Ways To Save Money

3 Simple Ways To Save Money With Energy Assessments

Energy prices keep rising…that is a fact of life, unfortunately.  The part that is frustrating most homeowners is while energy prices rise, the amount of …

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