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sealing your crawl space

Seal It. No More Mold & Structural Issues.

A Good Seal For Your Crawl Space, Guaranteed. Did you know that LiveGreen offers a warranty with each sealed crawl space job completed? Our clients ...
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seal crawl space solution

Q&A About Sealed Crawl Spaces

Featuring Chris Allen, Sales Associate at LiveGreen Last week, we sat down with Chris Allen, Sales Associate at LiveGreen Inc. of Raleigh, NC. During our Q& A ...
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attic insulation

What Is Going On Up There? Let’s Check The Attic Insulation.

When Do You Think Of Attic Insulation? Homeowners usually only think of and visit their attic spaces during move in and move out. This may be ...
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dry crawl space

Learning About Crawl Space Encapsulation

Goodbye Humidity, Hello Improved Air Quality We recommend crawl space encapsulation to improve your indoor air quality. This solution is everything you need for a ...
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Q&A With Matt Blaise, LiveGreen Expert

Last week we sat down with Matt Blaise, the Operations Manager at LiveGreen. Some common inquiries on sealing crawlspaces and how to go about insulating ...
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spray foam insulation

Selecting A Company To Provide Insulation Installation

Maintenance Check Does your home or place of business need its insulation checked? Maybe you notice that the walls feel damp and cold. That can be a sign ...
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insulating your garage

Insulating Your Garage

Enjoying The Garage Space Most garages don’t need to be insulated. However, you will notice that the garage’s temperature follows the temperature outdoors. If you spend time in your garage for ...
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paint on walls chipping

Damp & Cold Walls

Cold or Damp Walls You can prevent the dampness in your home with new insulation. You can simply touch the walls to feel for coldness ...
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chilly drafts

Winter Worries- Could Be Related To Your Insulation

Insulating For The Winter- Act Now When it comes to insulation, there are spots in your home’s insulation that are more prone to leaks than others. ...
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moisture in crawl space

Sagging Floors- Assessing The Situation Of Moisture In Your Crawl Space

Crawl Space Moisture Affects Flooring In Your Home Noticing sagging floors can lead to instant stress. How did your floors become saggy? Low spots in ...
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energy efficiency

Metal Building Insulation

Insulating a Metal Building Many metal buildings are manufactured to be stylish and functional. Advantages include being durable and affordable. However, there are also some ...
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radon mitigation

Radon Mitigation

Understanding Radon Did you know that radon is a significant contributor to environmental radioactivity? Radon in the air is mitigated through ventilation. It is either collected below a concrete ...
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