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LiveGreen Has Your Answers- Home Insulation & Crawl Space Experts

Homeowners commonly will ask LiveGreen questions when it comes to updating their insulation and sealing their crawl spaces. Reviews Q: Can I see pictures of ...
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Rockwool Insulation Type

Highly Durable  Rockwool insulation is great for interior walls and in ceilings between floors. It is a great choice for its fire and soundproofing capabilities. Sound ...
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energy all around to save

Energy Recovery Ventilator Benefits

An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) is often used with spray foam. In the summer when temperatures rise, these mechanical ventilators use stale conditioned air to cool ...
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closed cell foam

Adding Closed Cell Foam

Do you have a metal building that needs insulation? Spray foam insulation is used in the building’s interior to maintain indoor temperature. Spray foam helps ...
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sealed crawl space after

Check Out Below

A whole lot can go wrong with your crawl space. There are so many things that we look for when we are checking down underneath ...
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Encapsulation Pros

Inspecting Your Crawl Space The expert team at LiveGreen can install sealed crawl space encapsulation systems that will lower your energy bills (hello, 20% reduction) ...
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energy efficient home

Prepared For The Winter Temp Drop

This winter, when cold air leaks into your home and the warm air goes out, you need to get better insulation for your home. Your ...
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insulation mold

Beware Of Mold In Insulation

Homeowners are pretty shocked to find out their home has mold in its insulation. You start thinking about all the health concerns that come with ...
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radon mitigation

Radon Mitigation System For Basement

We work on several homes in the Triangle that are complete with basements. These homes sit on sloped lots and the slope allows the water to be ...
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We Wish You Very Happy Holidays

We close out 2021 proud to have served the community another year. From LiveGreen team to you- “Happy Holidays!” We are excited for all the ...
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your home needs proper insulation

Properly Insulate For Winter

We love colder temps, a little snow here and there, the holidays. North Carolina temperatures are dropping, dropping, dropping. Cuddling by the fireplace is a ...
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new house measures

(New) Home Sweet Home

This Market The real estate market is so hot right now (like scorching in the middle of winter) and has been for months. We know that ...
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